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Submission Guidelines


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Thanks for your interest in publishing with Blue Vine Books!

What We Publish

We are currently only interested in nonfiction.

We focus on how-to/self-help books that help people improve their:

  • memory

  • thinking

  • and creativity

If your book will provide practical, innovative techniques that will help a reader improve one or more of these skills, we'd love to see it!

Please Do Not Send

Please do not send:

  • Fiction

  • Poetry

  • Nonfiction on topics other than those listed above under "What We Publish"

If you submit ideas or manuscripts in these categories, we will not respond. Life is short.

Show Us Something New

We're looking for innovative techniques, not a rehash of what's already out there.

Of course, you may use venerable techniques, but offer a fresh approach or combination. That's fine. But your book needs to add something new to the discussion.

What We Do

Blue Vine Books is an independent press. We're not an imprint of a major publishing house. We are committed to every one of our books.


  • Our marketing budget is small. (Then again, so is the budget for almost every book published these days.)

  • We focus on selling through Amazon and other online retailers, rather than bookstores. You're not going to see your book in Barnes and Noble anytime soon -- unless you work hard to make it a bestseller.


  • Higher author royalties than you'd get from a major publishing house.

  • Fast turnaround time. You'll see your book come to print in months, not years.

  • Long-term commitment. Books take years to build up steam. We commit to that long-term effort, because we only publish books we're passionate about.

  • We also happen to craft lovely covers and pages. Books should be beautiful.

What We Expect You to Do

We expect you to help sell your book.

Every author has a different style, different networks, different strengths. Maybe you hate the Internet, but you love to give talks. Maybe you're terrified of public speaking, but you blog three times a day. We won't dictate your marketing plan.

But we will expect you to accept reality: you are the best person on the planet to sell your book. People want to hear from you, not your publishers.

We'll do what we can. But we'll need your help to give your book the success it deserves.

What to Send Us

Please do not send us a complete manuscript. Instead, use the email address on the contact form to send us a 1-2 page summary of your book.

If your submission meets our topic guidelines above, we'll respond to you by email within three weeks. (If not, we won't respond.) Make sure to include your email when you use the contact form.

If we're interested, we'll ask for a detailed table of contents, sample chapters, and your marketing plan. (We don't expect you to have the whole manuscript complete before you sell it.) But again, please don't send these things first. Just send us your book summary.

Thank You For Reading This!

We appreciate you taking the time to read these submission guidelines! Remember, we are an independent press with a narrow focus. If your book doesn't fit with us, it may well fit somewhere else. Keep writing!

Submit Your Book Summary.

Stay in Touch

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You can unsubscribe at any time, and we'll never sell or rent your email to anyone. We hate spam too.

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